The story of Rumble

The Rumble on Route 66 started in 2014 after Joe was stuck in DFW selling his house.  Of course miniatures were in the car and he was able to get in a few games during his stay.  As it would seem par for the course with Infinity players, he met some really cool folks and started thinking of a way to have a tournament with folks from Denver and DFW.  While some may ask ,why Amarillo, the answer was clear in that it was equidistant from the 2.  With pure dumb luck he happened to contact Darren at The Tables Edge by typing in 'game store in Amarillo'.   He swung by on his way home to chat and spread the good word of Infinity then left with faith and motivation to have a really good excuse to drink and play games with cool folks from another state.

Fast forward 4 months and a Rumble crew had formed then Dan went on a mission to find prize support.  Now, we can't say enough good things about Dan the Man.  This is the guy responsible for the amazing prize support that has been donated year after year from some amazing sponsors [go check out the sponsor page!].  If you see him you should buy him a beer.

What started back in 2014 has now grown from 32 players year 1 to 104 players in 2017 with an alternates waiting list.  This is not due to a huge advertising budget or capital.  This has grown to such a massive event because of you, the community.  You've embarrassed this crazy event and made it amazing beyond expectations.  For that, we thank you all so very much.  *group hug*

Leeeets get ready to